Appendix 17. Project Appraisal

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1. Introduction[edit]

A project appraisal aims to assess project success in relation to the objectives set, and to understand the reasons for successes or failure. This is critical for informing future projects and advancing best practice. An appraisal should use relevant data collected through monitoring strategies and techniques, listed in the Appendices, to understand how a project has or has not achieved its objectives.

2. RRC Rapid Assessment[edit]

This is a survey used to assess the success of river restoration techniques in achieving project objectives. It is split up into three sections, the first of which records the location and direction of photos taken so that they can be part of fixed point photography assessments. The second section records how the technique is performing with respect to morphological, chemical and biological elements, as well as its impact on key channel and floodplain features. The third section records and expert's judgement on how successful the technique has been overall in achieving the project objectives.

Here is a pictures of the database shape used to fill the Project Visit Form for New Forest RRC.

Project Visit Form for New Forest RRC