14. Techniques A-Z

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1. Fisheries Surveys

Method Type
Acoustic camera Tracking
Acoustic telemetry Tracking
Angler Citizen Science Catching
Coded wire and Visible Implant Tags Tracking
eDNA Laboratory based
Electric fishing Catching
Flottang General
Fyke net Catching
Gill net Catching
Hoop nets and trap nets Catching
Lamprey ammocoete sampler General
Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) - PIT Tag Tracking
Radio telemetry Tracking
Redd counting General
Resistivity fish counter Automatic counting
Seine net Catching
Snorkeling General
Trap mounted on weir Catching
Trawl net Catching
Underwater viewing room Automatic counting
Video counting systems Automatic counting

2. Geomorphological Surveys

Method Type Citizen Science
Cross Sections Field measurement -
Fluvial Audit Field survey -
Geo-River Habitat Survey (GeoRHS) Field survey -
Geomorphic Dynamic Assessment Field survey -
Geomorphological Mapping Map -
Modular River Survey (MoRPh) Field survey Citizen Science
Modular River Survey (River Condition Assessment) Field survey -
Morphological Impact Assessment System (MImAS) Map & tool -
River Habitat Survey (RHS) Field survey -
Citizen River Habitat Survey (cRHS) Field survey Citizen Science
River Hydromorphology Assessment Technique (RHAT) Field survey -
Sediment sampling Field measurement -
Topographic Survey Field measurement -
Urban River Survey Field survey -

3. Hydrological Surveys

Method Type
Guage Boards Water level
Rainfall-runoff Modelling (to determine mean daily flows) Model
Spot Gauging Water level
Stilling Well and Level Logger Water level
Trash line recording Water level
Velocity measurements Velocity

4. Macroinvertebrate Surveys

Method Type Citizen Science
Angler’s Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) Method Citizen Science
Ecosystem function and river restoration monitoring Method Citizen Science
Extended Riverfly Method Citizen Science
Extended Riverfly siltation and low flow Method Citizen Science
Sampling benthic invertebrate in deep rivers Method -
Smart rivers, freshwater watch Method Citizen Science
Unit-time invertebrate survey Strategy -
Unit-area invertebrate survey Strategy -
Urban Riverfly Method Citizen Science

5. Photography and Videography

Method Citizen Science
360° photography and videography Citizen Science
Drone Surveys -
Fixed Point Photography Citizen Science

6. Remote Sensing

Method Citizen Science
Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery -

7. Vegetation Surveys

Method Citizen Science
Quadrat -
Remote Sensing -
Riparian Invertebrate Survey -
River Corridor Survey -
Transect -